I am late

Running late againOK…I am late… lately I am often late… I hate when other people are late for me, but when I am late it is always with good reason!

I just finished my first assignment for Integrated Marketing Communications…  man that was nearly late.. I just made it!

Lately, here’s what happened to me:

  • I have been living in South America for 6 months since Feb 2011…in Buenos Aires on an International Student Exchange.  It was fantastic.. it suited me.. they are always late there and they don’t mind.  They’re night people, they go out late and they sleep late. They don’t bother with excuses.. they just say “I am late”  In fact most of the time, they don’t even know they are late. if you live life spontaneously and don’t plan, well then you can’t be late – cause you have no time frames to keep to. SIMPLE.
  • I am four weeks late starting Semester 2 at UNITEC where I study Marketing.  I love it.  I have found my thing in life.
  • I am late handing in 3 other assignments.  I call that pressure.

Whats the point of this message: If you’re running late, in our Western World, you’re under pressure.  Its hard to focus – so you can’t complete things in time.  You also hit that Delete button pretty quick in your InBox.

How does this relate to Marketing?  We need to stop bombarding people with pointless messages they don’t want, it doesn’t work and it makes them late, they get annoyed and they don’t buy your product or use your service.

Thats all ..I gotta go I am late for breakfast.

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